Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

Viscoelastic and Processing Effects on the Fiber-Matrix Interphase Strength. Part I. The Effects of Loading Rate, Test Temperature, Fiber Sizing and Global Strain Level

Erol Sancaktar, The University of Akron


The effects of loading rate, fiber sizing, test temperature and global strain level on the adhesion strength between carbon fibers and a thermosetting epoxy (Epon 815) are studied using the single fiber fragmentation test procedure. Analytical methodology describing the viscoelastic behavior observed is also presented. The possibility of rate-temperature-interphase thickness superposition for the interfacial strength function is illustrated based on the analytical models discussed. Experimental data are discussed using Weibull statistics and also presented in the form of percent relative frequency histograms for the fiber fragments in a collective fashion. The use of histograms allows for interpretation of the skewness in the data population.