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Microstereolithography technology is similar to the conventional stereolithography process and enables to fabricate a complex 3D microstructure. This is divided into scanning and projection type according to aiming at precision and fabrication speed. The scanning MSL fabricates each layer using position control of laser spot on the resin surface, whereas the projection MSL fabricates one layer with one exposure using a mask. In the projection MSL, DMD used to generate dynamic pattern consists of micromirrors which have per side. The fabrication range and resolution are determined by the field of view of the DMD and the magnification of the projection lens. If using the projection lens with high power, very fine microstructures can be fabricated. In this paper, the projection MSL system adapted to a large surface for array-type fabrication is presented. This system covers the meso range, which is defined as the intermediate range between micro and macro, with a resolution of a few . The fabrication of array-type microstructures has been demonstrated to verify the performance of implemented system.

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Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering





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