Mechanical Engineering Faculty Research

Superhydrophobic coating of elastomer on different substrates using a liquid template to construct a biocompatible and antibacterial surface

Shing-Chung Joxh Wong, University of Akron Main Campus


The construction of biocompatible and antibacterial surfaces is becoming increasingly important. However, most of the existing techniques require multi-step procedures, stringent conditions and specific substrates. We present here a facile method to create a biocompatible and antibacterial surface on virtually any substrate under ambient conditions. The strategy is based on casting a highly adherent elastomer, styrene-b-(ethylene-co-butylene)-b-styrene, from a solvent mixture of xylene and decanol, in which decanol acts as both a polymer precipitator to induce phase separation and a liquid template to stabilize the superhydrophobic structure. The stable and durable superhydrophobic surface shows good biocompatibility and antibacterial properties.