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Exploring Technology: A Survey of Modern Technology for majors and Non-Majors

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This project improves student awareness of science and technology and increases the retention of freshman students. This goal requires a curriculum development process that creates a pilot course to provide a survey of modern technology. The pilot course leads to a permanent offering in engineering technology that will serve as an orientation course for technology students. The course also serves as a general education elective course to provide general students, including teacher education majors, with a survey of science in modern technology. The course uses active learning experiences as an orientation process to foster student success in technical careers. These learning experiences use motivational laboratory exercises to explore modern technology while improving the students' problem solving, communication, and study skills. These laboratory exercises present modern technology in automated manufacturing and robotics, computer-aided design and manufacturing, and electronics and computer technology. Women, Native American Indian, and undecided students are encouraged to enroll in the survey course. This course increases their technical literacy and encourage their pursuit of engineering and science related careers.

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ASEE Journal of Engineering Education