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Laser Resistant Calculus Retrieval Device and Method of Using

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A medical device configured to be inserted into a patient's body to retrieve calculi from the patient's body includes a basket assembly. The basket assembly is configured to transition between various states including an expanded state and a collapsed state. The basket assembly may be substantially covered in a flexible sheet except for a side facing opening when the basket assembly is in the expanded state. When the basket assembly is in the collapsed state, the side facing opening may be substantially closed. The flexible sheet may be resistant to damage from a laser. The device may be inserted into the patient's body while the basket assembly is in the collapsed state. While in the patient's body, the basket assembly may be transitioned to the expanded state. Then, a physician may maneuver a calculus to be removed from the patient's body into the basket assembly via the side facing opening. Next a laser lithotripsy device may be inserted into the basket assembly and the calculus may be fragmented. The flexible sheet that substantially covers the basket assembly generally helps to prevent or mitigate the migration of calculus fragments from the basket assembly during lithotripsy.

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US20060247663 A1


Application Number: 11/330,420