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Multisensor Integration and Fusion Model that uses a Fuzzy Inference System

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An intelligent multisensor integration and fusion model that uses fuzzy logic is developed. Measurement data from different types of sensors with different resolutions are integrated and fused based on the confidence in them derived from information not usually used in data fusion, such as operating temperature, frequency range, fatigue cycles, etc. These are fed as additional inputs to a fuzzy inference system (FIS) that has predefined membership functions for each of these variables. The output of the FIS are weights that are assigned to the different sensor measurement data that reflect the confidence in the sensor's behavior and performance. A modular approach is adopted. It allows adding or deleting a sensor, along with its fuzzy logic controller (FLC), anytime without affecting the entire data fusion system. This paper presents a preliminary model that fuses the data from three different types of sensors that monitor the strain at a single location in a cantilever beam. This will be later extended to sensors that will be fixed at different locations on the same beam. The results from the proposed work are a stepping stone toward the development of generic autonomous sensor models that are capable of data interpretation, self-calibration, data fusion from other sources, and even learning so as to improve their performance with time. This work is aimed at the development of smart structural health monitoring systems, but has applications in diverse fields such as robotics, controls, target tracking, and biomedical imaging.

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Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Transactions on





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