Mechanical Engineering Faculty Research

Measurement of adhesion work of electrospun polymer membrane by shaft-loaded blister test

Haining Na, University of Akron, main campus
Pei Chen, University of Akron, main campus
Kai-Tak Wan
Shing Chung Josh Wong, University of Akron Main Campus
Qian Li, University of Akron, main campus
Zhijun Ma, University of Akron, main campus


The work of adhesion at the interface of electrospun membrane and rigid substrate is measured by a shaft-loaded blister test (SLBT). Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) were electrospun with an average fiber diameter of 333 ± 59 nm. Commercial cardboard with inorganic coating was used to provide a model substrate for adhesion tests. In SLBT, the elastic response PVDF was analyzed and its adhesion energy measured. The average value of the adhesion work is 206 ± 26 mJ/m2. Elastic modulus of electrospun membrane obtained by SLBT is found to be 23.42 ± 2.69 MPa, which is consistent with the value obtained from standard tensile tests. The results show SLBT presented a viable methodology for evaluating the adhesion energy of electrospun polymer fabrics.