Global Manifest Destiny: Growing Your Business in a Borderless Economy

Andrew Thomas, The University of Akron


Just ten years ago, the chance to become a major player on the world stage was reserved almost exclusively for the most powerful companies in any given industry. Most smaller companies found it too costly and time-consuming to conduct any kind of global business besides exporting. But in today's economy, "going global" is a matter of survival. In this indispensable road map to becoming a global enterprise, two of the world's leading experts on global business, the international economy, and globalization, John A. Caslione and Andrew R. Thomas, provide the knowledge and expertise companies need to establish a successful worldwide presence. Global Manifest Destiny shows business leaders how to: *Integrate a global culture. *Build worldwide brands compatible with cultural differences. *Create a global accounts management program. *Take full advantage of swings in the world's financial markets. *Optimize potential sources of raw materials, goods, and services worldwide.