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Spring 2015


Disc golf is a game similar to traditional golf where players throw small plastic discs into chain-link nets. Disc golf courses cover several acres containing lakes, small wooded areas, large bushes, and grassy fields. It is not uncommon to accidentally throw a golf disc into the woods or bushes, so it is the goal of this project to create a device to locate the disc and make suggestions for the player to improve performance. A small device will be attached the disc which will track its location and flight characteristics. The device will contain a GPS receiver, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), data storage device, wireless transfer device, and an audio alarm to locate the disc. The GPS will record the flight path of the disc and the IMU will measure flight characteristics which will be stored locally on the disc during flight. After the disc is thrown and recovered, players will be able to use a smartphone app to retrieve the flight data from the tracking device by wireless communication. The smartphone app will plot the flight path on a map and analyze the inertial data to make suggestions for players to improve their throws.



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