This presentation activity is a creative exploration of the concept of DIS-EASE, as in the absence of ease, uneasiness, or discomfort.

Conceptually, I am exploring DIS-EASE in three ways:

  1. As you can see, I am painting directly onto the gallery wall. As the keeper of these galleries, I can assure you that this is a big no-no. I mean how dare anyone disturb these pristine surfaces?! The rationale behind my discomfort is rooted in the idea that the gallery is a sacred space, and that these walls ought to be kept pristine so that the objects displayed against them can “speak for themselves.” And mind you, they will go back to white, but returning this wall to a perfect white surface will take more than just priming and painting, but I will deal with that later.
  2. Since I’m painting directly onto the gallery wall, this piece will cease to exist the moment we paint over it in order to return the gallery to its pristine neutral background to accommodate an exhibition that is scheduled to open in this very space in about two months. The impermanence of this painting goes against every fiber of my painter soul. The idea of spending all this time and materials on something that will not survive tends to be counterintuitive to most artists, who are not known for having excess resources.
  3. A final way this activity will cause me discomfort is by extending the invitation to DOCAM to join me in painting. As a maker of things with very particular opinions on how things need to look, I tend to prefer to do all of the things myself—that way it will be done the way I would do it.

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