Volume 7, Issue 1 (2020) Proceedings from the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Document Academy

Thank you for your patience and commitment to the Document Academy in these complex times.

Timeline for accepted conference proposals:

July 1, 2020: Deadline for submitting the final version of the abstract in PDF Format.

These revisions need not be extensive; a final proofreading for grammar and style will be sufficient. Please also include your name, affiliation and contact information on the PDF. But if you wish to take the reviewer’s comments into account, by all means feel free to do so. The abstracts will be posted on the website for the Document Academy for people to view through the month of July.

August 6, 2020: Online Symposium.

We are still finalizing the format of this event, but we aim to provide an informal means of allowing authors and readers to exchange responses to the abstracts.

October 1, 2020: Deadline for submitting a full paper for inclusion in the Proceedings of the Document Academy.

Authors who wish may submit their papers for consideration for the DOCAM Proceedings, formatted according to the guidelines on the DOCAM website at documentacademy.org.

We look forward to meeting with you, at least in virtual form, in August.

Andromeda and the Sea Monster (right); Leda and the Swan (left), bronze sculptures by Massimiliano Soldani Benzi


Grant Campbell
Tim Gorichanaz
Jodi Kearns
Kiersten Latham

Review Board

Online Symposium

August 6, 2020

May we all meet again in health and safety—and in person—in 2021. Until then, let us continue to combine social distance with intellectual interchange, reminding ourselves in both cases what it means to be a community. - 2020 DOCAM Chair, Grant Campbell