Creating dance and training dancers is a collaborative and co-creative process, and teaching has a central role in the co-creative artistic processes. Yet dance teachers, whether free-lance or working in an institution, often develop and maintain their physical teaching practice in isolation. Additionally, because of the ephemeral nature of dance and the relational nature of dance education, these practices usually do not end up being recorded or documented as a body of knowledge. In the face of such a reality the online database IDOCDE.net provides a platform for the development and maintenance of an inclusive professional learning community through a process of shared documentation. Its sister digital publication MINDTHEDANCE.com guides the reader towards development of a personal and sustainable documentation practice. IDOCDE.net seeks to establish a knowledge base, a living archive and encourages collaboration and dialogue for fostering of both individual practice and the work field. MIND THE DANCE inspires educators to develop their personal, creative and reflective documentation practice via a variety of examples from professionals from different backgrounds, covering a wide range of approaches from writing, drawing, notating, video art to creating scores and templates. This article examines these digital publications and how they influence a meaningful and creative approach to reflective documentation.

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