La Vie en Rose: Translated


For DOCAM this year, we were asked to consider the functionality of documents and how to make information useful. I stumbled upon an issue related to this topic when I set out to find the English translation of Édith Piaf’s "La Vie en Rose." What I thought would be a simple request led me into a rabbit hole associated with translation studies. A quick Google search of “La Vie en Rose English translation” will retrieve an overwhelming number of translations, leading to questions such as: who decides a translation is valid; what happens when there are multiple translations for the same song; which translation is right; are they both right?

Rather than summarize my presentation in article form, I have decided my experience is best represented through poetry. The artistry that went into creating the various renditions of "La Vie en Rose" inspired me to take a creative approach to this project.

For those interested in hearing the original version of "La Vie en Rose" and the various translations mentioned in the poem, view my presentation at: http://prezi.com/m04-om5udc3v/

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