Experience as Use in a Local Museum in Horodnic de Jos, Romania (Towards a Rhizomal Model for Documentation)


This presentation explores experiences of the visitor/researcher and museum-makers in a local museum in Horodnic de Jos, Romania, to understand the ways in which embodied experience counts as a kind of use within this emergent museum form. Local museums are personal, amateur presentations of heritage created by private citizens that have been emerging in Romania since 2000. They exist primarily as an experience, with the museum tour acting as the vehicle through which these museums are continually made and remade. Notable moments, instants of intentionality and reflexivity represented as image/narrative couplings, are examined as the unit of analysis that illustrates the entwined nature of two documentary tendencies described by Suzanne Briet: algebraic schematization and documents as extensions of lived experiences. A rhizomal metaphor is suggested that emphasizes the in-between, generative nature of documents in this context. This work attempts to foreground some visceral yet invisible aspects of use that can often be overlooked because they are not language-based.

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