The study aims to discuss document productivity in the case of the Samudera Raksa Ship Museum. To answer this, the researchers made a productivity document study based on (1) Blasius Sudarsono's axiom, which states that "In the beginning, it was the human will to express what he thought and/or felt;" (2) Sudarsono's thoughts regarding documents as processes and products; (3) Lund’s concept of document creation; (4) Sabine Roux's thoughts on the rhizome concept in the document productivity process; and (5) the concept of museum communication by Yudhawasthi. Based on these theoretical frameworks, an analysis of the document productivity in the case of the Samudra Raksa Ship Museum is outlined with the formulation of research questions: (1) Is the document productivity a cycle? (2) How is the document productivity cycle in the case of the Samudra Raksa Ship Museum? This research was a qualitative study and research data were obtained through an in-depth interview process with three research informants, literature search, and field observation. The informants are (1) curator of the Samudera Raksa Ship Museum and Borobudur Temple area management, (2) the leader of Digital Technology Development of the Samudera Raksa Ship Museum, and (3) a former crew of the Samudera Raksa Ship. From the mapping, the researcher found the dimensions that reflect a cycle: 1. document creation stage where knowledge, the object/message/document as well as the media and technology are used to produce. 2. The product produced does not stop as a work, but humans can continue to interpret and reinterpret it, thereby producing knowledge and/or knowledge. Then, 3. returning to the initial cycle, namely creation, which drives the next creation process. 4. All of these steps involve communication and documentation 5. All of the processes are human brain simulations.

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