An Investigation Into Motorcycle Crashes in Work Zones

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Winter 1-15-2015


Objective: There were 454 motorcycle crashes in work zones within the state of Ohio between January 2006 and July 2012. Pavement degradation derived from work zones tend to have a hazardous effect on motorcycles and their safe passage. The objective of this study is to research the work zones where motorcycle crashes have taken place in order to determine any contributing factors.

Methods: This study incorporates the collection of motorcycle crash data, including construction documents associated with the work zones in which the crashes occurred. Crash documents from the Ohio Department of Public safety and the Ohio Department of Transportation are used to identify the initial factors to be studied.

Results: Construction documents associated with 183 of the crashes are able to be retrieved. From these documents, the frequency of associated crashes and rates of fatalities per work type are able to be determined.

Conclusions: It is found that work types that take place on lower functional class roadways, such as sewer repair, are found to have higher fatality rates. In contrast, those work zones on higher functional class roadways often incorporate speed calming measures and have a clear division between the traveled way and the actual construction work.

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Traffic Injury Prevention





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