System Reliability Analysis for Anchor-Stabilised Slopes Considering Stochastic Corrosion of Anchors

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Fall 10-9-2014


In this paper, a methodology using Monte Carlo simulation method was developed in conjunction with the modified limiting equilibrium method of slices. Additionally, the time-dependent deterioration of bond capacity of corroding soil anchors was developed in this methodology due to the attack of chlorides. Uncertainties of anchor-related variables and soil parameters were considered using pertinent statistical descriptors. Furthermore, the inherent stochastic nature of the corrosion and degradation process for the anchor/slope system was identified and incorporated in the simulation. A PC-based software, C-UASLOPE, has been coded to allow for handling of complex slope geometry, soil profile and groundwater conditions. An illustrative example was presented to clarify the application of the C-UASLOPE software in modelling the deterioration process to aid in determining the system reliability. The importance of using a system reliability-based algorithm was illustrated by showing that the anchor/slope system may fail unpredictably during design life – even though the initial design results have a high degree of safety – if uncertainties of soil parameters, anchor force and the time-dependent stochastic corrosion process are not accounted for systematically.

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Structure and Infrastructure Engineering: Maintenance, Management, Life-Cycle Design and Performance





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