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Experimental validation of multistep quantitative crack damage assessment for truss structures by finite element model updating

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Fall 11-12-2014


In this paper, a multistep damage quantification method has been experimentally validated by quantifying crack damage of load-carrying members of truss structures based on experimental vibration records. Damage quantifications are still challenging tasks for difficulties in interpreting response signals measured from engineering structures. Open crack depth is parameterized as a damage variable. The open crack in Euler–Bernoulli beam element is modeled by introducing local flexibility coefficients to the uncracked beam element with joint rotational flexibility. Mode shapes and natural frequencies measured from experimental modal testing of a damaged laboratory-size truss bridge are used in the finite element model updating for damage quantification. Predetermined curves derived for hollow circular sections with open crack are used to estimate crack depths from updated local flexibility coefficients. According to experimental validation test, the proposed approach is proven to be viable in quantifying crack damage

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Smart Materials and Structures