The Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics is a bipartisan research and teaching institute dedicated to increasing understanding of the political process with special emphasis on political parties, grassroots activity, and ethical behavior.

The Bliss Institute's Academic Opportunities

The Bliss Institute in conjunction with the Political Science Department offer academic programs for both Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Bliss Institute Internship Program
Internships offered through the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics provide students with the opportunity to experience practical politics firsthand by working for local, state, and national party organizations, candidates, interest groups, or public officials.

Graduate Programs
The Bliss Institute in conjunction with the Political Science Department and the School of Law offer two graduate degrees: The Master of Applied Politics and the joint Juris Doctor/Master of Applied Politics. Both degree programs offer unique opportunities for prospective graduate students interested in careers in politics or political consulting.

Certificate of Applied Politics
Citizen participation in politics is the backbone of democracy. The men and women who run political campaigns, contact public officials, and debate issues while holding jobs and raising families are critical to the future of the country. The Bliss Institute encourages such grassroots citizenship through the Certificate in Applied Politics.

Applied Politics Distance Learning Program
The University of Akron, in conjunction with the Department of Political Science and the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, use state of the art technology to provide high quality instruction to students beyond the traditional classroom. Courses are taught using live video conferencing equipment and a variety of web programs and multimedia tools.


Submissions from 2014


2014 Ohio Election: Labor Day Akron Buckeye Poll, John C. Green


Governing Controversies: A View from the Ohio Public, John C. Green