Saturday April 11 1:30 - 2:20pm

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African American Males matriculating through Higher Education and Society: The C.L.I.M.B… A passport from maleness to manhood.

Justin J. Rose Mr., University of Illinois at Springfield
Clarice R. Ford Mrs., University of Illinois at Springfield
Yolanda H. Beamon Ms., Purdue University - Calumet Campus

Student Union 308

Black Male Retention in Higher Education: Strategies and Programming That Works

Trena Sanders, Western Michigan University

Student Union 300H

Black Male Student Success in Higher Education

Antwan L. Perry, Germanna Community College

Student Union 312

Careers in the Legal Profession

Patricia A. Smith, Esq.
P.A. Smith, LLC Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Firm

Student Union 314

Film Screening of "Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes"

Amber Hewitt
Naomi Drakeford
Anjni Patel
Sarah Sanders
April Barnes
Thomas Vance
William Osei

Student union 335

Hands Up! The Truth About Cops and Hip-Hop: Fighting Back without Throwing a Punch

LaMar Darnell Shields, The Cambio Group and Johns Hopkins University

Student Union 310

Let’s stop avoiding the issues: Rethinking Race

Amy Shriver Dreussi, University of Akron Main Campus

Student union 307

Masculinity, Identity and Media

Lamman Rucker

Student Union Theatre

The Bishop Sydrome

Jason Seals, Merritt College

Student Union 316