Ian Kleinsasser’s short book on Hutterites in Manitoba deserves attention. It is based on three lectures given at the inaugural Jacob D. Maendel Lectures in 2019. This lecture series was established in honor of Jacob Maendel (1911-1972) in the context of the centennial preparation of permanent Hutterite settlement in Canada. The three lectures were held in Portage la Prairie, and as the book’s introduction points out, were attended by representatives of both Schmiedeleut I and II groups. Jacob D. Maendel was a prominent Schmiedeleut leader of his generation and a driving force in advancing Hutterite education. His initiative led to the first Hutterites in Manitoba receiving college education and teaching certificates. It is thus perfectly fitting that Ian Kleinsasser from Crystal Springs Colony has a degree in education and that his narrative rests on solid historiographic method, empirical evidence, and a careful assessment of primary and secondary sources. [First paragraph.]