Andy Weaver Amish; Old Order Amish; Holmes County Amish community; excommunication and shunning; church schism


This is a German-to-English translation of Bishop Joseph E. Peachey’s (Belleville, PA) account of the September 1955 Allgemeinie Diener Versammlung in Holmes-Wayne Counties, OH. While Holmes-Wayne Amish leaders called the meeting, seeking to achieve peace and resolution, instead, the meeting finalized a pending schism between the Old Order (or South Churches) and the Andy Weaver (or Dan) factions. The main focus was on a group of laymen that had withdrawn from the Orrville Amish church (Wayne County) because they did not want to practice a Bann the church district leaders had decreed. The faction received help from an Amish bishop in Holmes County, who had support from some Amish leaders. The meeting revealed widespread tension both in the Holmes-Wayne Amish community and in other Amish communities, specifically about the Bann and revivalist ideas. Peachey’s account provides a chronological account of the September 1955 meeting, including the counsels, decisions, and actions of the assembled. The author also shares about his travels to and from the meeting. [Abstract by editor]


The authors would like to acknowledge the editorial assistance of Dan Raber and Ed Kline of the Ohio Amish Library board, Levi J. Miller of Missouri, and Jennifer Anderson. Translation support was provided by the Truman State University scholarship service program.


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