Volume 7, Issue 2 (2019) Special issue: Ohio Amish schisms

This special issue offers several important original source documents, most translated from German into English, that show how the 20th century Old Amish sorted through differences in doctrine, practice, and, perhaps most importantly, ecclesiastical processes. The articles consist entirely of Amish-authored accounts. These documents address church rules, agreements, and schisms, with the greatest attention given to developments in the Holmes Co.-Wayne Co. Amish settlement from the 1910s to the 1950s. Because the main articles have sensitive content, we are making most articles available only through our print version. The editor's introduction and book reviews are accessible online. To order a Vol. 7 Issue 2 print copy (while available), visit https://amishstudies.org/form.html

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Editor in Chief
Cory Anderson
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Steven Reschly
Copy Editor
Rosanna Hess
Editorial Board
Andrea Borella, Elizabeth Cooksey, John Cross, Jeanette Harder, Berit Jany, Katherine Jellison, Natalie Jolly, Jeffrey Longhofer, Martin Lutz, Christopher Petrovich, Dan Raber, Carel Roessingh, Michael Sauder, Vlatka Skender