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Book reviews




In a review essay “A Quiet Diversity in the Land: Mennonites in Ontario”, Mark Louden reviews Draper’s The Mennonites of St. Jacobs and Elmira: Understanding the Variety, Martin’s Old Order Mennonites in Ontario: Gelassenheit, Discipleship, Brotherhood and Steiner’s In Search of Promised Lands: A Religious History of Mennonites in Ontario. Other reviews include Bailey’s They Counted the Cost: The History of the Dunkard Brethren Church from 1926 to 2008, Loewen’s Village among Nations: “Canadian” Mennonites in a Transnational World, 1916-2006, Stauffer’s The History of the Mid-Atlantic Mennonite Fellowship, and Nolt’s A History of the Amish [3rd edition].