Cory Anderson


Literature review; Meta-analysis; Parochial schools; Structural functionalism; Socialization; Ideology; Social structure; Ethnography; Separatism; Social networks; Mutual aid; Humility; Heritage; Dysfunctions; Special needs children; Wisdom; Symbols; Roles; School board; Teacher


Amish education is one of the most researched subtopics in Amish studies. This article is a meta-analysis of the existing literature about Amish education, finding that most research discusses how the parochial school system functions to socialize students into the broader Amish social system. In particular, the school socializes students into (1) several major Amish-defining internalized dispositions, ideologies, and outlooks and (2) the meso- and micro-level Amish social structure. Several anomalies do exist, including their educational approach to special needs children, parochial school dysfunctions, and alternative schooling methods. The article concludes with suggestions for future research, including more rigorous ethnographic studies that better divulge latent functions and the utilization of other theories to unlock other implicit patterns.



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