Mildred Martin


They married young and, within months, were stationed in Central America, as pioneers in 1961 for Amish Mennonite Aid missions. What began as relief work for hurricane victims turned into a 50-year saga, as relationships were forged, souls were saved, churches were planted, and grapefruit were bowled (page 261). From Vision To Legacy is an autobiographical life story of Lester and Sarah Gingerich, told in alternating streams of thought: his and hers. This spicy slice of Amish-Mennonite history opens with bits and pieces about ancestors immigrating from Germany but soon arrives at the narrators’ own births and lives from the mid-twentieth century on. The motivation for this book, as the title implies, seems to be primarily to inspire a missionary vision in readers, as the book explores the legacy left by one outstanding couple’s experiences. [First paragraph.]