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Observations of wall slip and shear banding in an entangled DNA solution

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Spring 2008


We have studied nonlinear flow behavior of entangled DNA solutions using particle tracking velocimetry in Couette and cone/plate geometries. At apparent shear rate γ̇app < 0.1 s−1, the velocity profile is linear across the gap. Beyond the terminal region with γ̇app < 40 s−1, the velocity profile becomes temporarily banded after the stress maximum and shows massive wall slip at long times with little shear banding in the bulk. At γ̇app > 40 s−1, the velocity profile progressively curves and becomes banded with a sharp interface after hundreds of strain units. In the steady state, the thickness of high-shear band increases linearly with the apparent shear rate. At γ̇app = 1000 s−1, the velocity profile returns to linearity.



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