Publication Date

January 2006


Report on HB 416: The Ohio Trust Code As Enacted

This Report begins with a discussion of policy considerations related to the 2007 enactment of the Ohio Trust Code (OTC). Next, it discusses how the OTC will be incorporated into the Ohio Revised Code. The Report then discusses many of the OTC’s provisions, in the same order as those provisions are included in the OTC. The focus of the discussion of OTC provisions is on those that will change existing Ohio law, or that are changes from the Uniform Trust Code (UTC). Thus, the Report does not provide a general explanation of the UTC. For such an explanation, see the article by the UTC Reporter, David M. English, The Uniform Trust Code (2000): Significant Provisions and Policy Issues, 67 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 143 (2002).

Publication Title

Ohio Trust Code Handbook

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