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Improved properties of blends of ultrasonically treated unfilled polyurethane rubber

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Fall 2004


The aim of this investigation is to improve the properties of the polyurethane rubber that has been devulcanized using the coaxial ultrasonic reactor. After devulcanization of the cured rubber under varying gap sizes and amplitudes, blends of the devulcanized and virgin rubber at different ratios are prepared. Rheological and mechanical properties, hardness as well as gel fraction and crosslink density of the vulcanized blends have been investigated. Results show that compared to the vulcanizates of the devulcanized samples, the vulcanizates of the blends show a remarkable improvement in properties, which are sometimes comparable to or even better than the virgin vulcanizate. Blends have also prepared using different proportions of ground samples and virgin rubber, and a comparison of properties between these blends and the blends of the devulcanized rubber has been carried out. The results show that compared to the ground samples, the blends of the devulcanized samples are easier to mix and exhibit enhanced and more uniform properties.



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