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Phase Behavior of Organogel Solutions

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Conference Proceeding

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Spring 3-16-2014


The talk will focus on the relationships between the thermodynamic phase behavior and gelation behavior of 12-hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA) in organic solvents. In particular, the role of 12-HSA aggregation in the liquid state on the melting point depression will be discussed. Measurements of the liquids lines of 12-HSA in different dialkyl phthalates have been made. This data could be fit with Flory diluent model, which accounts for both the non-ideal free energy of mixing and the disparity in the size of the solvent and 12-HSA molecules. The fits showed that the effective molar volume of 12-HSA increased as the hydrogen bonding Hansen solubility parameter δh of the solvent decreased. This is consistent with a variation in the size of 12-HSA aggregates in the liquid state as a function of the choice of solvent. It will be shown that this aggregation is useful to stabilize 12-HSA crystalline networks (and the resultant gels) at higher temperatures and lower concentrations through a reduction in the entropy of mixing. The general use of molecular size to tune solution phase behavior and design organogelators will also be discussed.

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Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society