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A New Class of Acrylated Alkyds

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Fall 2010


A new class of acrylated alkyds resins has been developed using a modern controlled polymerization approach. The reactive relationship between acrylics and alkyds has been defined by difficulty and an inability to propagate to form suitable grafting during a free-radical-based process. A living free-radical process was employed to provide control of both location and blocks of monomers which were attached to the polyester backbone of the alkyd. Both acrylic monomers and blocks of different monomer were successfully polymerized with control. Although there was some side reaction at the pendent fatty acid unsaturation, overall, the system was well behaved with respect to control of blocks of sequential monomers and living characteristics of the free-radical polymerization. Demonstration of concept was achieved in both high solids and waterborne systems. Representative coating properties are also reported for model alkyd systems.



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