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UV-curable Organic-Inorganic Hybrid films Based on Epoxynorborene Linseed Oils

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Fall 2005


UV-curable organic/inorganic hybrid film based on epoxynorbornene linseed oils (ENLO) was prepared using the in situ method of tetraethylorthosilane (TEOS) oligomers. Three levels of norbornylization of linseed oil (25, 50, and 100%) were utilized in this study. The effects of TEOS oligomers on ENLO film properties such as Young's modulus, tensile strength and elongation and on the coated film properties of pencil hardness, impact resistance, adhesion, chemical resistance, and contact angles were investigated. Fracture toughness and dynamic mechanical properties and thermal properties of the hybrid films were also evaluated. The tensile, dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer (DMTA), and fracture toughness data indicated that after incorporating the TEOS oligomers, the modulus, Tg, crosslink density of the hybrid films were enhanced, while the elongation at break, fracture toughness, and resistance to crack extension decreased. TEOS oligomers improved the hybrid coating properties such as pencil hardness, impact resistance, solvent resistance, and surface tension.