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Multi-layer Articles Having a Conductive Surface and Nonconductive Core and Process for Making the Same

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Spring 2001


Processes for decrosslinking crosslinked plastic and devulcanizing vulcanized rubber include advancing such materials through single screw or twin screw extruders including special ultrasonic treatment zones wherein threadless shaft (single screw) or shafts (twin screw) rotate under an ultrasonic horn having a distal end aligned with the shaft or shafts and being shaped complimentary thereto. Special arcuate (single screw) or double-arcuate ultrasonic treatment flow paths confine the materials to flow under the horn where the material is subjected to ultrasonic waves to decrosslink the material, in the case of crosslinked plastic, or devulcanize the material, in the case of vulcanized rubber, with the extrudate leaving the die as a continuous stream or rope as is typical of virgin plastic or rubber.