Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

The Effects of Cure Temperature and Time on the Bulk Tensile Properties of a Structural Adhesive

Erol Sancaktar, The University of Akron


The effects of cure time and temperature as well as cool-down rate on the adhesive tensile properties, yield stress ([sgrave]y) and elastic modulus (E), were determined experimentally. Commercially available, solid film Metlbond 1113 (with carrier cloth) and 1113-2 (without carrier cloth) adhesives were used as model adhesives. The experimentally determined tensile properties were used to calculate theoretically the critical stain energy release rate (GIC) based on the radius of the crack tip deformation zone reported by Bascom. The calculated GIC values were then compared with the measured values which are available in the literature. The comparison revealed good agreement between the calculated and measured GIC values.