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The present article focuses on theoretical elucidation of possible effect of mechanical deformation on spatio-temporal emergence of unusual polymer morphology subjected to quiescent isothermal crystallization conditions. The present theory developed is based on a phase field model consisted of non-conserved time dependent Ginzburg-Landau equation having an asymmetric double well potential in the crystal order parameter signifying metastability for crystallization, coupled with the chain tilt angle involving curvature elasticity and strain recovery potentials. Under quiescent crystallization conditions, the curvature elasticity term is needed to discern the emergence of sectorized single crystals. Upon coupling with the strain recovery potential, the numerical calculation captures ripple formation running across the long lamellar growth front, which may be attributed to lamellar buckling caused by the volume shrinkage. Of particular interest is that these simulated topologies of the single crystals are in good accord with the growth character of syndiotactic polypropylene single crystals observed experimentally by us during isothermal crystallization from the melt.

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Physical Review E





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