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Near-wall Measurements for a Turbulent Impinging Slot Jet System

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The velocity field in the vicinity of a target surface with a turbulent slot jet impinging normally on it is examined. The impingement region is confined by means of a confinement plate that is flush with the slot and parallel to the impingement plate. The distance H of the impingement wall from the slot is varied from 2 to 9.2 slot widths. Jet Reynolds numbers (based on slot width B) of 10,000–30,000 are considered. Mean velocity and root mean square velocity measurements are carried out using hot-wire anemometry. A boundary layer probe is utilized in order to obtain measurements at a wall distance as close as 110 microns ~ 0.0028B! . This corresponds to a distance of approximately y1 ;2 – 4 in wall units and is found to be adequate in order to permit an estimate of wall shear under most conditions. The problems of hot wire interference with the wall and calibration at low velocities are solved by calibrating the probe in a known Blasius flow. With the exception of the stagnation region where shear could not be evaluated, it is found that velocity profiles follow a linear behavior in the viscous sublayer everywhere along the wall. Results indicate that the peak in normal stress occurs at y/B;0.025 to 0.04 at a distance six to eight jet widths away from the jet-axis.

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Journal of Fluids Engineering





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