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MEMS Devices and Methods for Inhibiting Errant Motion of MEMS Components

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A Microelectromechanical (MEMS) device and method of fabrication that can minimize derailing of an actuable element of the MEMS device during fabrication can include a MEMS actuator to selectively generate displacement forces to displace an actuable element along a path between sidewalls of a channel. The sidewalls can have stops formed therein that can interact with surfaces on the actuable element to limit displacement of the actuable element during fabrication. One of the sidewalls can be indented to form the stops and the actuable element can have an arm portion that extends between the stops. The sidewalls can be offset to form the stops on spaced apart faces on opposite sides of the channel and the actuable element can be offset between the spaced apart faces to form offset faces in an opposing relationship with the spaced apart faces on the sidewalls. In addition, the actuable element and the sidewalls may be so shaped as to maintain a generally constant width between them.

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US6900510 B2


Application Number: US 10/309,964