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A Novel and Fast Virtual Surgical System Using Fuzzy Logic

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Conference Proceeding

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Virtual Reality (VR) and associated technologies are experiencing growing importance in medicine and surgery. VR demands fast and real time simulations. Finite element analysis can be used for cutting simulation; however, finite element analysis is computationally intensive and is unsuitable for real time applications involving cutting of a large amount of tissue. We have developed a fuzzy logic based system which involves significantly reduced computational times and provides real time simulations of cutting. The user-exerted forces on a simulated cutting tool held by the user are dynamically measured and fed to the fuzzy logic system. The user-exerted forces and the stiffness of the element are first fuzzified and fed to a fuzzy rule base to provide the output membership values. These output membership values are then defuzzified using the centroid defuzzification technique to provide a crisp output of the cutting depth. The technique has been implemented in real time. Experiments with human users have shown consistent results.

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Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Computer Science and Information System

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