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A Study of Rolling Resistance of Electrorheological Fluids Impregnated Polymers as a Function of Electric Field

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Rolling resistance contributes to 6-10% of the overall fuel consumption. In an effort to provide tunable rolling resistance and tunable damping rubbers, smart fluids are introduced to composites to fabricate smart composites. The subsequent composites will possess unique mechanical properties in response to an externally applied voltage. This paper discusses the measurement of rolling resistance of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) using a wooden pendulum roller, crafted in our lab. All fibers can be submerged in the electro rheological fluids (ERF) and become impregnated with barium titanyl oxalate with urea coated particles. Under the influence of electric field strength, the properties such as damping coefficient, rolling force and viscoelastic properties are altered. A comparison between the properties of different PVDF samples was made. PVDF3 with 0.17 g/ml concentration is best aligned and shows the highest change in properties as a function of electric field strength.

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Proceedings of Polymer Processing Society (PPS-30) Conference