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The variation of both the tensile properties and thermal properties of aligned electrospun fibers with the take-up velocity (TUV) of disc collector has not been widely investigated due to the difficulty of handling aligned nanofibers and measuring low loads. In this thesis, 25% of nylon 6 was dissolved in formic acid and then electrospun into fibers and the fibers were aligned using a rotating disc collector. We evaluated the tensile and thermal properties, average fiber diameter, crystallinity, crystalline morphology, molecular and crystalline orientation of aligned electrospun nylon 6 nanofibers as a function of TUV based on a disc collector. It was determined that by increasing the TUV from 14.2 m/s to 21.4 m/s, the tensile modulus and strength increased by 32% and 19% respectively while the elongation at break decreased by 44%. At the same time, the percentage of crystallinity, molecular and crystalline orientation increased by 21%, 11%, and 6% respectively while the average fiber diameter decreased by 40%. Meanwhile, the melting temperature and glass transition temperature of the fibers remained constant with increase of TUV.



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