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Euler Analysis of a Two Dimensional Scramjet Inlet

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There are several advantages in using a zonal method. First, and most important, it allows the generation of structured grids around two or three dimensional complex geometries. Second, zonal methods allow different types of grid topologies to be used in order to improve mesh efficiency. A structured mesh is used in all the zones with matching dimensions on the interface boundaries. The Runge-Kutta Explicit scheme is used to march in time from the 1st zone to the last zone sequentially. The zones are fully coupled, whereby information is allowed to propagate between the zones. Far field boundary conditions are applied on the outer boundary of zone 1, 2, 4, and 6. A symmetry boundary condition is applied on zone 1 at y = 0 plane. The outflow boundaries are on zone 5 and zone 6 and use simple 1st order or first order reconstruction from the cell centered values. The Gauss-Green gradient formulation is used to calculate the gradients at the cell center for the flux calculations by Roe's method.

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Iowa State University

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