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Mechanical material properties of concrete specimen are evaluated locally and non-destructively using an ultrasonic C-scan system. The time of flight of the sound wave between front surface and back surface for test samples was measured. Local Young's modulus at scanning point and average Young's modulus of entire specimen are calculated. Testing techniques are developed by calibrating the transducer not only to compensate for the time delay but also to control the measurement of properties of interest, such as true density and local thickness. In order to obtain additional mechanical property, such as Poisson's ratio, the transverse velocities of the wave through the specimen need to be measured. This non-destructive evaluation technique is an important alternative material property measurement method to replace the traditional testing methods that destroy specimens after testing. Advantage of high accuracy and time saving is also expected from this study.

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2007 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics



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