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A Fuzzy Logic Based Decision Making System for Fusing Measurements From an E-Puffer and E-Sniffer Sensing Systems for Detecting Explosives

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This is primarily a concept paper and describes a decision making system that fuses the output from cold plasma based E-Puffer and E-Sniffer sensing systems to reliably detect explosive traces. This paper describes research and development of a novel non-contact method to detect explosive bearing personnel, baggage and vehicles that is based on the integration of a multitude of key technologies, primarily cold/atmospheric plasma and pattern recognition/decision making capabilities. This work will ultimately lead to a viable system that can be installed in doorways of buildings, garages, baggage carousals, etc. that will trigger a positive response when detecting explosive traces on personnel, bags or vehicles going thru a doorway. This paper describes the basic product concept and provides preliminary results of the fusion process from a simulated data set of output measurements from the two orthogonal measurement systems.

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ASME 2007 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition



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