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Damping and Added Mass Coefficients for a Squeeze Film Damper Using the Full 3-D Navier–Stokes Equation

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Spring 3-2010


Direct and cross-coupled damping coefficients are developed for the 2π-film, π-film (Gumbel cavitation condition) and homogeneous two-phase mixture films in a squeeze film damper. The numerical simulation uses the CFD-ACE+ commercial software, which employs a finite volume method for the discretization of the Navier–Stokes equations (NSE). In order to determine the dynamic coefficients, the NSE is combined with a finite perturbation method applied to the ‘equivalent journal’ of the damper. It was found that for the 2π-film and the Gumbel conditions, the damping coefficients exhibit linear characteristics, while the homogeneous cavitation model yields nonlinear coefficients. Using the CFD-ACE+, the inertia/added mass coefficients are derived for the limiting cases of the short and long dampers, respectively. The first set of forces is calculated by setting the fluid density to its actual value. The second set of forces is calculated when the density of the fluid is set close to zero (1E-10 kg/m3), thus practically eliminating the effects of the inertia terms. Subtracting the two sets of forces from each other, allows the determination of the inertia component contribution and the corresponding inertia coefficients. By varying the density, dynamic viscosity and whirling speed, it was found that the inertia coefficients follow a single curve represented by a function dependent on the modified Reynolds number, Re*. The inertia coefficients presented in this study are compared with the ones reported by other researchers that used the modified Reynolds equation. Some differences were found between the NSE based results and the Reynolds equation based outcomes. This is attributed to the three-dimensional effects introduced by the totality of the terms comprised in the full NSE.

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Tribology International





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