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The Extrinsic Influence of Tool Plunge Depth on Friction Stir Welding of an Aluminum Alloy

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Fall 11-2011


The axial force during friction stir welding is sensitive to plunge depth of the tool and is one of the prime factors, which exercises control over heat generation during welding. Consequently, the plunge depth for a given tool rotation speed, traverse speed, material and test machine needs to be optimized so as to get a defect-free weld. In this paper, we present and briefly discuss the results of an elaborate and enriching investigation aimed at understanding the extrinsic influence of plunge depth of the tool on weld formation in aluminium alloy 7020-T6 for a range of rotation rate and traverse speed and using two different tools. The critical need for use of a scientific approach to optimize plunge depth for a given tool material and test machine in fewer number of steps is emphasized. Key Words: Friction Stir Welding, Tool Plunge, Rotation speed, Traverse speed, Aluminium Alloy 7020

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Advanced Materials Research



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