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Sandwiched Hollow Sphere Structures: A Study of Ballistic Impact Behavior Using Numerical Simulation

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Winter 12-12-2013


Sandwiched hollow sphere structure may have the potential to provide better ballistic impact protection as compared with monolithic plate based on the same weight and impact area. In the previous study of a sandwiched hollow sphere structure by the authors, a novel unit cell was created as a basic building unit of the structure, the tumbling effect was observed for significant impact energy absorption, and the existence of an optimal yield stress or hardness was proved for maximizing the impact energy absorption. However, the impact energy absorption ability of the sandwiched hollow sphere structure may also relate to many other factors. In this study, the diameter relation between the incoming projectile and the spheres in the sandwich core, the projectile initial impact velocity, and the sphere arrangement in the sandwich core are examined. It is revealed that the first layer sphere diameter should be comparable to the diameter of the incoming projectile, the diameter of spheres in different layers in one sandwich core should either decrease or increase monotonically, and there exists a critical impacting speed, at which the sandwiched sphere structure is most effective for impact energy absorption, etc. All these findings make the sandwiched hollow sphere structure a promising new member to the passive armor family.

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Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science





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