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The Spectral Analysis of Different Flux-Cored Wires during Arc Welding of Metals

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Spring 5-2012


Up until now only few studies have been done to analyze the intrinsic influence of flux on the welding arc specifically radiation of the arc. The spectra of arc radiation are often abundant with information related to the arc welding process, especially the elements in the arc. Thus, it is possible to use the spectrum of an arc radiation to diagnose the influence of flux on the welding process. In this article, the arc radiation emitted by different types of flux cored wire during arc welding is compared. The line spectra of the radiation are identified with the primary objective of describing the influx of flux on arc welding. In order to study the operative properties and stability of different flux-cored wires during the arc welding process, both the spectral signal and electrical signal of the welding process were collected using a multisignal collecting system. The intensity of radiation in selected spectral bands is related to both the welding current and arc voltage. The distribution of arc radiation is used to describe the operative properties and overall stability of the welding process.

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Materials and Manufacturing Processes





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