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Thermomechanical Loading of Multilayered Cylindrical Geometries in Thermal Cycling from 300 to 1300 K

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The principal of multiple material layering is well known as an effective method of reducing heat transfer; however, thermal gradients can impose significant loads and lead to delamination and subsequent component failure. An analysis is developed and experimental data are discussed for the thermomechanical effects of multilayered materials on a heat sink substrate of cylindrical geometry subject to thermal cycling. The geometry is heated in cross-flow by a high-velocity flame and cooled in crossflow by ambient-temperature air from a critical flow orifice. Each layer of material possesses a threshold beyond which small changes in temperature or mechanical loading greatly influence the life in thermal cycling of the layered materials. Comparisons are made between the thermomechanical loads predicted by various numerical codes for the linear case and by a simplified analytic model.

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Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Joint Conference