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A Microchannel With Repeated Sharp Corners for Single Stream Particle Focusing

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Conference Proceeding

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Summer 8-3-2014


A new microfluidic device for fast and high throughput microparticle focusing is reported. The particle focusing is based on the combination of inertial lift force effect and centrifugal force effect generated in a microchannel with a series of repeated sharp corners on one side of the channel wall. The inertial lift force effect induces two focused particles streams in the microchannel, and the centrifugal force generated at the sharp corner structures tends to drive the particles laterally away from the corner. With the use of a series of the repeated, sharp corner structures, a single and highly focused particle stream was achieved near the straight channel wall at a wide range of flow rates. In comparison to other hydrodynamic particle focusing methods, this method is less sensitive to the flow rate and can work at a higher flow rate (high throughput). With its simple structure and operation, and high throughput, this method can be potentially used in microparticle focusing processes in a variety of lab-on-a chip applications.

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ASME Proceedings | Biomedical and Lab-on-a-Chip


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