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Feasibility Study of a Smart Motion Generator Utilizing Electromagnetic Microactuator Arrays

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We present a smart rigid body motion generator based on arrays of electromagnetically driven micromembrane actuators. Unlike previous motion generators, this architecture employs a large number of micro-sized (100–200 µm) membrane actuators to simultaneously generate the displacement of a large rigid optical mirror. Thus the actuation structure bridges the gap between the micro and macro worlds as well as the incompatibility between MEMS fabrication and traditional optical manufacturing. In order to estimate the feasibility of the architecture, a systematic study was performed on the design and simulation of the individual micromembrane actuator. Each membrane actuator consists of a high magnetization permanent magnet post structure supported by a thin membrane and a planar coil to generate magnetic field. A 3D analytical model is utilized to analyze the actuation performance of an individual actuator cell. The 3D analytical model is proved to be accurate by finite element modeling. It is suitable for fast prototyping design of magnetic actuators. Results show that the presented rigid body motion generator has many advantages including the capabilities of generating large displacement while maintaining fast frequency response and easy manufacturability.

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Smart Materials and Structures





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